You Only Live Once - 2nd Edition


Live your best life with this guide to 250+ travel experiences and start planning a lifetime of adventures. Whether you have an hour, day, week, month or year, discover how you can make the most of every precious moment. From seeing the sunrise at summer solstice, to camping off-grid or climbing a volcano, this is your guide to a life well-lived.

Inside You Only Live Once 2nd Edition:

  • More than 250 rejuvenating ideas for trips to inspire your personal growth so you can live an illuminated life
  • Five uplifting chapters for an Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year that are bursting with fun suggestions on places to visit, sights to behold, vibrant carnivals and festivals, out-of-this-world food and fulfilling activities to nourish the mind and soul
  • Insightful essays from local experts and award-winning writers that explore sustainable and responsible ways of travel, humbling and awe-inspiring experiences and spiritual connections with our natural world
  • Featuring stunning illustrations, maps, infographics and empowering quotes, all presented in a modern, visually inspiring hardback format

Meet some of our You Only Live Once 2nd Edition writers below, and get a taste for the life-affirming adventures they share, for an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year:



In which we spend a couple of hours taking care of the little things – a swim, a shower, perhaps a cocktail or a movie – before tackling the big stuff: extreme feats, life-and death spectacles, celestial phenomena and the ever-thought-provoking rituals of dawn and sunset.

Emily Frost: A writer and content creator who lives a colourful life, from hitchhiking to Morocco, to riding the London Underground dressed as a sumo wrestler. Emily writes about the power of one of today’s biggest wellness trends, cold water swimming- and lists four favourite cold water plunges everyone should experience.

“From invigorating dunks to restorative wild swimming, it’s not just the numerous health benefits that make cold-water experiences so beguiling. There’s a meditation in the process, in meeting yourself in the water as the initial shockwaves flow into endorphins.”


In which we lose ourselves at festivals and carnivals, party all night in cities and fall asleep in some extraordinary settings. Then we spend a day or two in the outdoors, watching wildlife, exploring by moonlight and seeking out the most silent places in the world. Finally, we face our greatest fears, whatever they may be.

Sunny Fitzgerald: Sunny is a writer and responsible travel specialist based in Hawaii and Jordan. Her work appears in National Geographic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC, Glamour and more. Here, she recommends four unique adventures to find ‘adrenaline zen.’

“Slip below the surface – but not just anywhere. Take it to the extreme. Beyond the thrill of heading below in aesthetically striking environs, extreme adventures can induce ‘adrenaline zen’ – a reboot, a sense of tranquillity, and a dose of mindfulness you can bring with you when you resurface.”


In which we take a week or two to drive the world’s most exciting roads, dive into lost worlds and visit the backdrops to favourite fictional scenes. Closer to home, a week is time enough to discover delights on your doorstep and learn some dance steps to impress.

Shafik Meghji:  Award-winning travel writer, journalist, author, editor, broadcaster and photographer, with a particular focus on responsible travel, food, culture and human rights. Shafik shares his experience of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest.

“Nothing quite prepares you for being in the Amazon, one of the world’s last surviving wildernesses. I was drawn to Madidi, in northwestern Bolivia, because of its sheer abundance of life. In 2018, the Wildlife Conservation Society declared it ‘the world’s most biologically diverse protected area’, home to more than 8800 species.”


In which, over a month or more, we follow in the footsteps of great women, take voyages without flying, travel from one end of a country to the other, train for a marathon and let our inner child take charge. We also find time to volunteer and travel solo. To escape it all, we seek solace in a retreat or a cabin in the woods.

Mya Rose Craig: Also known as Birdgirl, Mya-Rose Craig is a British-Bangladeshi ornithologist, author, and campaigner. In 2020, she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bristol, and is said to be the youngest British person to receive such an award. In the extract below, she shares a beautiful account of travelling to Mexico and forming a spiritual connection with birds.

''Like many people my age, life is busy with university, work and seeing friends. I’m an environmental campaigner, but I’m also a birdwatcher. Birding keeps me well... for me, birdwatching away from home is about immersing myself in the habitats that the birds require to survive, indulging in their beauty and gaining an understanding of the places they live.''


In which we live and work on the road, learn to free dive, join an intrepid scientific research mission, travel in memory of a loved one, and resolve to learn a new language. Then, consider working on a yacht or becoming a ski instructor, or even taking a round-the-world journey with the perfect travel companion.

Faren Rajkumar: Faren Rajkumar is a writer and digital nomad, focused on sustainable, conscious living through travel, community, the arts, wellness and spiritual healing. Faren shares her story of packing up her life and leaving graduate school to travel in a van. 

''All in a year, I shed preconceived notions of what a home or a successful family unit should look like. I became a drifter who made fast friends with anyone I met at a rest area or trailhead, because I felt we were all on the same journey of going very far just to discover what home means.''



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