Under the Stars Camping Australia and New Zealand

Featuring over 200 of the best campsites, huts, glamping, and bush camping spots in Australia and New Zealand for the ultimate nature-based escape.

Under the Stars Camping Australia and New Zealand is the third book in the series and the follow up to Under the Stars Camping Europe and Under the Stars Camping USA.

"Our first book in the series was published in March 2022. The idea was sparked by the great demand from travellers for recommendations of places to camp and stay that helped them reconnect with nature, and enjoy a more sustainable and, most likely, more local adventure. We wanted to feature a really varied range of sites too, from ultra-luxe glamping experiences that can cost as much as a hotel, to free huts, cabins and campgrounds in the middle of nowhere, because we don’t always want the same getaway.’ - Robin Barton, Senior Editor

Author Q & A

Get ready to delve into the world of outdoor adventure, as author of Under the Stars Camping Australia and New Zealand Sarah Reid shares insights, tips, and stories from her extensive experience exploring the breathtaking landscape of Australia and New Zealand, in this exclusive Q&A. 

  • How many campgrounds across Australia have you visited/stayed in? 
    I’ve camped at around 100 spots around Australia, and visited more than 100 other camping locations.
  • How did you choose the camping destinations featured in the book? 
    For each of the regions I covered, I included a wide variety of accommodation options, price points and locations. The common denominator was a memorable nature-based setting.
  • Is there a ‘best’ time of the year to go camping in Australia? 
    It’s always a good time of year to go camping somewhere in Australia – the cooler winter months are ideal for camping in outback and northern Australia, while the warmer months are generally better suited to camping in the southern states, particularly by the beach.
  • Where would you recommend for first-time campers? 
    If you’re looking for a nature-based experience, try a national park campground with a range of facilities that isn’t too remote.
  • As a camping beginner, what are 3 pieces of advice you would give?
    For camping in Australia and NZ:
  1. Be prepared to have limited to no mobile/cell reception in national park campgrounds, and enjoy the disconnect.
  2. Always check the weather forecast before you leave home, and prepare accordingly.
  3. A high degree of self-sufficiency is typically required for Australian national park campsites – this usually means bringing your own water and cooking equipment. Check before you go.
  • If you were to only go camping once, where would you choose to go, and why? 
    In Australia, I’d choose a Great Barrier Reef island so I can go for a relaxing snorkelling session before the day trippers arrive.
  • What is one piece of equipment that you cannot live without while camping? 
    Solar lamps are super cheap and very useful around camp - leave them on your car’s dashboard to charge while you’re driving and then inflate them with a few breaths to use in the evening. Solar chargers are also useful for charging electronics in unpowered campsites.
  • What are the most unique camping experiences in Australia? 
    From Sal Salis in Western Australia to Longitude 131 at Uluru, Australia is home to some exceptional glamping experiences. Many of Australia’s national park campgrounds, meanwhile, offer incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing. You can watch wombats amble by your tent on Tasmania’s Maria Island, camp beneath koalas in Victoria’s Great Otway National Park, or pitch a tent among all sorts of tropical critters in Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest.


Inside Lonely Planet’s Under the Stars Camping Australia and New Zealand:

  • More than 200 of the best places to spend the night under canvas in Australia and New Zealand
  • Divided into 9 regional chapters and organised by each of Australia's states and territories (the Australian Capital Territory is combined with New South Wales) as well as New Zealand's North and South Islands
  • 12 full-page outdoor activity guides provide a deep-dive of must-try experiences and local highlights in each region including surfing, four wheel driving, aboriginal rock art, indigenous experiences, wine tasting, paddling adventures, mountain biking, the great bathing trail, wildflowers, bikepacking, wildlife, and great walks
  • Includes practical information and essential details on the best practice for leave-no-trace travelling, staying safe, best time to camp, amenities available, accessibility, cost, and useful contact details
  • Features full colour photography and locator maps throughout as well as a beautiful front cover illustrated by Ignasi Font
  • Featured destinations include Kosciuszko National Park, Thomson Bridge Campground, Whitsunday Island National Park, Aquila Glamping, Rosie Bay Campsite and many more.

PR & Media

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  • Extracts, Interviews, and Q&A’s

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Releasing from March 2024 (AU and NZ) and April 2024 (ROW)

ISBN 9781837581733
FORMAT Hardback, Full Colour, 256 Pages
DIMENSIONS 240 x 185mm | 7.28 x 9.45"
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