Media and PR Update May 2024

Stargazing Around the World

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in public fascination with astronomy. As the April eclipse grabbed the world's attention, we saw just how extensive the growing increase in wonder and connection to the cosmos truly is, and that is why the release of Lonely Planet’s Stargazing Around the World has hit the shelves at the perfect time.

This comprehensive coffee table book offers more than just stargazing tips; it’s a passport to awe-inspiring adventures under the stars. Readers can explore 45 breathtaking dark-sky sites and national parks around the world plus more than 20 further destinations to observe astronomy, space phenomena, and aurora in action. This fascinating introductory guide to stargazing provides diagrams of constellations, calendars of meteor showers, details for upcoming eclipses, and information on where to view launches of spacecraft.

This year's celestial wonders include 12 full moons, several meteor showers, five eclipses and four supermoons, so there is little wonder on why Stargazing Around the World has taken the media world by storm since its release in February.

Digital and Print Media Coverage:

Stargazing Around the World has garnered widespread media attention, with audiences being captivated by its timeless reminder of the beauty and wonder that awaits us each night. In a 5-star review by BBC Sky at Night Magazine, it read: “Comprehensive and beautifully written introduction to astro tourism.” UK publications The Herald and The National published an article about the book that syndicated across 14 different UK publications, and appeared on Yahoo News Feed.

The book also featured in National Geographic’s outdoor and adventure book recommendations for April. New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times and the New Zealand Herald added Stargazing Around the World to their travel recommendations list.

Social Media:

Stargazing Around the World proved to be a huge success across social media, with influencers sharing the book to their thousands of followers. Astropartigirl, who has a PhD in physics from UC Irvine and is an expert in astroparticle theory, shared the book on Twitter (70.3K) and Instagram (10.3K). 

American book influencer Andrea.c.lowry.reads also shared a beautiful post of the book, which featured sneak peaks of internal spreads to her 37.7K followers. Nurse_Bookie featured Stargazing Around the World on her Instagram account, which has 54.9K followers. Other notable mentions include, Booksandcoffeemx (25.5K), Keralasalwaysreading (11.9K) and Reader_ceygo (16.1K).