Lonely Planet's Guide to Train Travel in Europe

Looking for a sustainable and stress-free way to explore Europe? Hop on board the continent's railway network with this ultimate guide to train travel. Whether you want to take it slow on the scenic route or make the most of the newest high-speed services to get straight to your destination, Lonely Planet's experts show you how to plan your journey.

How it works
With high-speed trains able to travel through countries in hours, the advantages of avoiding airports have never been better. We’ve highlighted six key high-speed routes that crisscross the continent. We show you how you can get almost everywhere in Western Europe by hopping between these routes and the best experiences to have along the way. 

In-depth coverage of key hubs
From Paris to Milan and London, we show you where the stations are, the best ways to get from one hub to the next, and where to stay and eat in the surrounding area.

Special features
• Ticketing 
• Sleeper trains
• Luggage and packing
• Safety and security
• Travelling with children
• Travellers with disabilities
• Travelling with pets
• Eating

February 2022
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