Lonely Planet Kids' Atlas of Dogs

Explore the paw-some world of pooches with Lonely Planet Kids’ Atlas of Dogs! This fully illustrated guide will take you on a woof-tastic journey around the world to meet over 150 weird and wonderful dog breeds - from the dapper Boston Terrier to the chirpy German Dachshund, the lively Portuguese Podengo and the tiny but tough Australian Terrier.


Written by Frances Evans and featuring incredibly cute illustrations by Kelsey Heaton, this gorgeous hardcover atlas features large maps of each continent that show where each dog breed (both common and rare) is from. Follow-on pooch profiles then give the low-down on each one - their history, their physical characteristics and their personality traits. 

Region-by-region, we explore:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe (North and West) 
  • Europe (South and East)
  • Africa
  • Asia 
  • Australia and New Zealand

Additional special features include:

  • Doggie Dictionary
  • Little Dogs and Gentle Giants
  • Terrific Terriers
  • Dogs with Jobs
  • Heroic Hounds
  • Doggie Sports

And many more!

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  • ISBN (ROW) 9781838694456 , (US) 9781838694463
  • Age 6-8 Years 
  • Page Count 112 Pages
  • Format Hardcover, full colour
  • Dimensions 275 x 237mm / 10.83 x 9.33”
  • USD MSRP $18.99 |  AUD RRP $24.99 |  NZD RRP $26.99 |  GBP RRP £12.99