Take a Look Inside: Lonely Planet's Experience

Lonely Planet Experience

Lonely Planet’s new Experience series is a guide to unforgettable experiences and local surprises.

These are not your traditional guidebooks.

We’ve done away with pages of listings, opening hours and phone numbers that are better checked online. Inside these books we introduce you to local experts, surprise you with things you may not have thought of and offer fresh perspectives on well-known sights.

Leveraging extensive consumer research, this new series has been designed to enable travellers to uncover a destination’s best experiences and to design their own unique trip to get away from the everyday.

Book specifications:

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 258
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm
  • Maps: 20

Other features:

  • Pull-out planning map
  • Inside back cover pocket
  • Gatefold with maps and inspiring photography

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Take a look inside the books

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Promotional Campaign

To announce the release of Lonely Planet's all new Experience series of destination guidebooks a targeted media/ PR campaign will commence in early March 2022. The series will be showcased for review in a variety of travel, news, lifestyle, book and outdoor media publications and news sites. It's anticipated that the fresh size and style of Experience, and innovative approach to showcasing information for a new generation of savvy travellers will guarantee wide review and inclusion in appropriate gift guides and new product features.

Lonely Planet's Experience series will be supported by a marketing campaign that will include:

  • Promotion to Lonely Planet's global audience through Lonelyplanet.com, posts on Lonely Planet's social media channels and features in weekly newsletters
  • Targeted online and social media advertising
  • Video trailers that highlight Lonely Planet's local writers and the unique design of the new series 
  • Digital marketing assets and photography that will be available for trade retailers to use in their promotion of the series

Releasing March 2022

  • Experience Iceland 1 - 9781838694722
  • Experience Ireland 1 - 9781838694692
  • Experience Italy 1 - 9781838694715
  • Experience Japan 1 - 9781838694746
  • Experience Portugal 1 - 9781838694739
  • Experience Scotland 1 - 9781838694708

AUD RRP $34.99  |  GBP RRP £16.99  |  USD MSRP $24.99  |  NZD RRP $36.99 (April 2022 release)