Introducing Lonely Planet's new Experience series

Lonely Planet is excited to launch its Experience series, a totally new range of guidebooks designed to turn travel on its head.

With a fresh size and style, this new series is a guide to unforgettable experiences and local surprises in the world’s greatest countries, cities and regions. Led by local experts with fresh perspectives, the series helps travellers uncover a destination’s best experiences and to build a unique trip to get away from the everyday.

The first collection focuses on six popular destinations: Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, and Scotland. 17 further Experience guides will also be released throughout 2022 covering significant regions, cities, and countries.

Promotional Assets for Retailers 

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Take a look inside the new Experience series
Meet some of our Local Experts as they introduce their home countries and highlight some of the unforgettable experiences featured in our new guides.

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Book specifications 

Format Paperback, full colour  |  Pages 258  Dimensions 180 x 140mm / 5.51 x 7.09”

Releasing from March 2022 

  • Experience Iceland 1 - 9781838694722
  • Experience Ireland 1 - 9781838694692
  • Experience Italy 1 - 9781838694715
  • Experience Japan 1 - 9781838694746
  • Experience Portugal 1 - 9781838694739
  • Experience Scotland 1 - 9781838694708

AUD RRP $34.99  |  GBP RRP £16.99  |  USD MSRP $24.99  |  NZD RRP $36.99 (April 2022 release)

    Photography featured at top of page: 
    Left: © Paul Jeffers / Lonely Planet 
    Top right & bottom right: © Eugene Hyland Photography / Lonely Planet